Jun. 3rd, 2020

[info]fingo in [info]rpvents

With the way you treat people you are going to lose all of your friends and writing partners and I won't be sad for you when it happens.

[info]scrier in [info]rpvents

During my entire tenure in this hobby, I've had the opinion that I'm responsible for being aware of my responsibilities as a co-writer. As in, no, you don't have to remind me that I owe you a response, because, believe me, I know. It's never been a problem. I doubt it ever will be.

I'm in a situation where I'm writing with someone new. Someone that I think we can do some really fun stuff together. So much so that I sent an inquiry checking to make sure they were still interested. They said they were, but that was still days ago and there's been no progress. So it's like... do I become the type of person who pesters and possibly alienates my partner?

I understand that the current global situation creates some really unfortunate situations, and I'm not unsympathetic... but since I haven't heard anything for roughly a week, I would just like to confirm that I haven't been dropped.

May. 30th, 2020

[info]notabaddick in [info]rpvents

So, vent directed at myself because I am way too curious about drama.

Like, I should not be so fascinated by the powder keg that was this game that I actually regret never joining it just so I could have an inside scoop of what caused it to self destruct so suddenly.

Screw me and screw my nosiness.

May. 29th, 2020

[info]bad_username in [info]rpvents

Do people usually just disappear when they're asked for edits on their apps or something?

May. 28th, 2020

[info]americasass in [info]rpvents

What happened to the games? I miss the variety we used to have.

May. 27th, 2020

[info]woodrat in [info]rpvents

why can't people just be honest and say when they don't want to continue writing? seriously, it's not that hard. just say you don't want to write the line anymore. or, hell, lie and tell me that you don't have the time. i'll take that over just disappearing. and if they disappeared during plotting? fine, whatever. but it's almost always after we've plotted, agreed, and then finished one or two scenes that i thought were great. just enough to give me hope and get me invested before POOF. ugh.

[info]6470818671 in [info]rpvents

I really wish I had the nerve to tell some of you to fuck off.

May. 26th, 2020

[info]idisagree in [info]rpvents

being excited for your game is awesome, but the amount of adverts is just plain rude and aggressive.

6 on the front page. my guys. please let some other people have a chance.

May. 24th, 2020

[info]notgonnalie in [info]rpvents

Your ego is pretty massive. To the point that there's a guy interested in using it as part of his wall. And this is why I won't write with you.