Mar. 18th, 2018

[info]littlefucker in [info]rpvents

does anyone else hate when someone can't recognize the fact that their character's actions have consequences? one of the main reasons i have considered leaving rp so many times is the fact that writers will get so defensive ooc about their characters and act like they are innocent victims when they don't like the outcome of something their character did.

Mar. 17th, 2018

[info]sheerblack in [info]rpvents

I'm thinking of hanging up my RP hat, with all the drama that comes with it.

Mar. 15th, 2018

[info]kremedkitten in [info]rpvents

When you see an entry in the storylines journal and go "Please don't. The last thing this game needs is yet another shallow cockhopping Gary Stu."

[info]throatpunch in [info]rpvents

You are so painfully OOC that I want to scream. I wish you would drop.

[info]plums in [info]rpvents

I just want a super solid femme line, but it always works out that when I'm looking for femme, I find het and vice versa.

Mar. 14th, 2018

[info]witchbaby in [info]rpvents

1)in a sea of boybanders and under 20 pretty boys, my guys get lost. which is really sad because this is some of the best writing I've done in a really long time.

2)what is wrong with friendship lines? all this bullshit is adding stress to an already shaky line. you play an adult, why do you forget that?

3) real life is kicking my ass and making me fall behind in my lines. I know me and my well being matters first, but it feels pretty bad. I just want to apologize to my slps.

4) when your celeb starts showing their true colors and it turns out they're really problematic. really really problematic and it irks me to no end. just shut up and look pretty please.

5) I miss playing her, but I DO NOT miss the fandom.

[info]bitchvent in [info]rpvents



Did you really just give me a plot custom with zero history or details about your line that I know nothing about, aside from the role? You're going to make me ask?

Oh my god.

Mar. 12th, 2018

[info]themarsvolta in [info]rpvents

when you just want a line that's mostly easy-going and fluffy because that's your escapism from the hellscape that is your daily anxiety/depression combo, but to so many people that's boring so you can barely seem to get an active psl off the ground.

[info]bitchvent in [info]rpvents

I thought that line was going really well. I'm kind of bummed it seems to have faded.

Mar. 11th, 2018


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[info]wakeupstrong in [info]rpvents

two different vents.

Reading is fundamental. Or are you just attacking me, for reasons known only to you?

Give me something that lasts. Make me fall in love with this 'game' again.

Mar. 10th, 2018

[info]grantaire in [info]rpvents

Edit: the mods were notified, are sorry for they mistake of their offensive use of language and fixed it in the game ads and premise. Which is good, I’m glad they made the effort to correct it.


PSLs Wanted

PSLs wanted

Mar. 9th, 2018

[info]stravinsky in [info]rpvents

Are there legit still players (or better yet, 'mods' who have a billion characters but never play in their own game) who flip their shit over fandom characters soooooo not being LGBT in canon so thus it's forbidden? And worthy of bashing other players about behind their backs?

Apparently there are. Lol.

[info]parthenos in [info]rpvents

thanks for tagging me! now I know why you have to go around aggressively nagging people to tag you back.

my dude is not here to be a punching bag for your munchkin.

Mar. 8th, 2018


Male PBs I like (If you need ideas!)

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Mar. 6th, 2018


[info]riftworldmod - March 2018 Activity Tracker

Steve McGarrett | Hawaii Five-0
Peter Parker | MCU
Frank Castle | MCU
Peter Quill | MCU
Klaus Mikaelson | The Originals
Damon Salvatore | The Vampire Diaries
Seth Gecko | From Dusk Till Dawn
Jace Herondale | Shadowhunters
Jughead Jones | Riverdale

[info]forrants in [info]rpvents

I miss OC games. But everywhere I look is just so uninteresting. I joined one that looked really interesting a couple months ago. Emphasis months. And since then I've been offered no connections. No one comments on my plot posts or intro posts. The only net posts that go up are between other people. But I still feel guilty about the idea of dropping it. And where would I go anyway? All the games I find are the same boring stuff over and over again. Same cities over and over again. Same partners shipping away who don't really want to build something new with someone else.

I miss playing. Why is there nowhere to play?

[info]vanessavalarian in [info]rpvents

I wonder how long you'll last this time.

[info]just2vent in [info]rpvents

If something is legal in only one place, it's not a ripoff of another game to set one in the same place, right?

Could someone persuade my mind of this, please?

Mar. 5th, 2018

[info]fuh_q in [info]rpvents

I see so many unanswered ads in so many communities. It makes me wonder if anyone is even playing anymore. Is the interest just that gone or are people afraid to answer ads because they're worried the person isn't serious and will flake? Both?

Maybe it's time to let this all go.

On another note, how long do you all wait before you consider a SL partner actually gone for good despite their promises that they're not disappearing? A week? A month?

[info]deletedpurged in [info]rpvents

there really ought to be a community where you can call out serial flakers. people who join shiny new games only to ghost before they ever post one tag... or they tag half a scene and disappear before applying at another newer game. and they do it ALL. THE. TIME (sometimes with the same character or another version of said character). would be nice for mods who run games to know who these people are so they can have a head's up before accepting them.

Mar. 4th, 2018

[info]sheerblack in [info]rpvents

I've always thought that I was a pretty good RPer. I picked up peoples lines and I talked to people by chat/email all the time. It wasn't until the last couple months that I realized. I'm one of those horrible RPers that no one should have to play with. I know this 100% and completely. I shouldn't RP at all. I don't want people to lose their lines with me because I feel they're great lines. They're all great people too. It's just me. I'm the problem and I know that it's only me. There's nothing that can be said to tell me otherwise.

[info]plums in [info]rpvents

I haven't been this happy in a community or in RP in general in years, so it makes sense that I'm about to go into a stupidly busy month at work.